Saturday, August 24, 2013

Intoxicated lady causes flight diversion

Just saw this article about a lady who went nuts (or just wicked drunk?) on a flight from NY bound for Shanghai. The flight was diverted to somewhere in Alaska for security reasons.


Do they need to consider having handcuffs on flights now ... Or a small jail cell???

And the lady was traveling with 2 kids !!

Sounds like someone either didnt take their meds or perhaps shoudnt mix such with alcohol...

JFK-PVG: intoxicated lady disrupts flight; diverted to Alaska

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Resort and hotel marketing photos

Have you ever wondered: when you see one of those enthralling, serene and inviting photos from major hotel chains, some of the nicest pictures are devoid of other travelers...

No tourists drinking alcohol before noon...
No noisy children...
No grumpy old men...

Could it be that we are booking trips to our fantasies that dont really exist?

Do our deepest and sweetest dreams consist of empty hotels with sandy beaches, coconut trees and azure blue pools?

If we indeed are social animals , as Aristotle once claimed , why do we like these deserted photos?


... At the end of the day, it doesnt really matter as long as Changi is there. Then my trip cant be that bad ... :-)

AEP: LAN's hanger expropriated by the Argentinian gov't

Source: Matias 18

Argentina's government has taken over LAN's hanger at Buenos Aires' downtown airport Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP).

No news about the reasoning for this ... I woud expect this to come out in the press over the next 24 hours. But it's certainly not a good news for the future of airport investment plans for Argentina, as this move most certainly will prompt plans for foreign (and perhaps even local) investments in hangers in the country to be re-considered.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Airport of the week: Singapore

With the news this week that Singapore wants to not only build a "Jewel" at Changi Airport, but also plans for a T5 which will house an insane number of additional travelers every year, I would like to say a few words about this specific airport.

The Importance of Changi to Singapore:

If you forgot about the importance of Changi, just consider this: how many country leaders include their main airport in their annual address to their respective countries?
Can you imagine Obama boasting about JFK?
Or Abe about NRT?


But in PM Lee's address the other day, he spent (what felt like) a major portion of his annual speech to the nation for highlighting hus governments plans for the aiport.

And what was on the front page of several newspapers? Take a wild guess...

So there it is: Changi (which IS the worlds best airport, by the way, no argument) is also The Random Airport Rant blog airport of the week :-)